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Akku Multi Tool SMT 24 AE


239,00 €
UVP inkl. 19 % MwSt.


A multifunctional, useful and versatile 24V battery-powered tool: Stiga 24V SMT 24 AE is a practical and powerful combo tool that combines a pruner and a hedger using the same pole. It is able to face many garden tasks that cannot be reached by common garden equipments. Stiga SMT 24 AE is a very powerful tool, but also very light: the pruner version only weight 2.9 kg, and the hedger version weight 3.2 kg. The saw attachment allows a comfortable pruning even on the highest tree branches, with a bar length of 20 cm. The hedger attachment is essential for taking care of the upper parts of hedges, even on the top thanks to the 105° rotating head. The cutting is very efficient thanks to the teeth space of 18 mm and the cutting length of 45. A 70 cm pole extension shaft is available for both tools. A 4.0 Ah battery is already included in this tool. Charger is included in the package but is also sold separately.
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Leistungsquelle Lithium-Ionen Batterie
Motortyp Bürstenmotor
Vorgeschlagene Batterieleistung 4.0 Ah
Schwertlänge 20 cm
Schwertlänge in Inch 8 "
Typ Schwert Umlenkstern
Kettentyp 3/8" .050" (91PX-56X)
Kettengeschwindigkeit 6,7 m/s
Inhalt Öltank 0,05 L
Ölpumpe Automatisch
Kettenspannung Vordere Kettenspannung
Anbaugerät Heckenschere Ja
Anbaugerät Hochentaster Ja
Softgrip Griff Ja
Tragegurt Einfach
Batterie inklusive 4,0 Ah
Batterieladegerät inklusive Standard
Eigengewicht (Heckenschere) 3,2 kg
Eigengewicht (Hochentaster) 2,9 kg
Gewicht Batterie 0,78 kg
Bruttogewicht 10,2 kg
Verpackungsmaße (L x B x H) 1300 X 280 X 165 mm
Schallleistungspegel Heckenschere (LWA) 94 dB(A)
Schallleistungspegel Hochentaster (LWA) 104 dB(A)
SAP Code 277340321/S17
EAN Code 8008984788787
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