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100% Syntetic 2 stroke oil 1 lt dozer

BATTERIEN UND ZUBEHöR 100% Syntetic 2 stroke oil 1 lt dozer

12,90 €
UVP inkl. 19 % MwSt.


In the two-stroke engine the fuel air mixture is burned and the exhaust gases cleared out on the down stroke and the cylinder is recharged and the working fluid compressed during the upstroke.
Stiga 2 stroke oils has a higher certification in comparison to the majority of lubricants in the market. It is certified JASO FD that means a superior quality and a better oiling. A superior quality means the engine parts have a better lubrication, the spark plug hardly get dirty, less leftovers in the cylinder, so low smoke and a better engine performance. Less poisoning as a consequence and finally  catalyser will not get damaged.

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SAP Code 1111-9230-01
EAN Code 7313329115090
Öl Typ Vollsynthetisch
Stück pro Verpackung 12
Bruttogewicht 1 kg
Verpackungsmaße (L x B x H) 140x57x250 mm
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