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Akkuheckenscheren SHT 24 AE

RASENTRIMMER Akkuheckenscheren SHT 24 AE

169,00 €
UVP inkl. 19 % MwSt.


The maneuverability and efficiency of a 24V lithium-ion battery hedge trimmer: Stiga SHT 24 AE is the perfect tool for the maintanance of your hedges. Try the comfortability of a 180° rotating handle tool, allowing you to move both in a vertical and horizontal position and on the left and the right. The double laser cut powers a double action that reaches the speed of 2800 strokes per minute. Thanks to the teeth space of 18 mm, a blade lenght of 57 mm, Stiga battery-powered hedge trimmer ensures you precise, professional and reliable results. A 4.0 Ah battery is already included in the hedge trimmer and has a 95 minutes working time. Charger is included in the package and not sold separately.
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Leistungsquelle Lithium-Ionen Batterie
Motortyp Bürstenmotor
Motorleistung 120 W
Vorgeschlagene Batterieleistung 4.0 Ah
Höchstgeschwindigkeit 1400 U/min
Schwertlänge 480 mm
Messerlänge 570 mm
Messertyp Doppelt, lasergeschliffen
Zahnabstand 18 mm
Handgriff Um 180° drehbar in 3 Positionen
Softgrip Griff Ja
Batterie inklusive 4,0 Ah
Batterieladegerät inklusive Standard
Nettogewicht mit Klinge 2,5 kg
Gewicht Batterie 0,78 kg
Bruttogewicht 5,4 kg
Verpackungsmaße (L x B x H) 950 X 220 X 190/50 mm
Vibrationsniveau (vorderer / hinterer Girff) 1,94 m/s�
Schallleistungspegel (LWA) 87 dB(A)
SAP Code 273571321/S17
EAN Code 8008984788763
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