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Elektroschneefräsen ST 1151 E

 Elektroschneefräsen ST 1151 E

199,00 €
UVP inkl. 19 % MwSt.


Compact and lightweight. The Stiga ST 1151 E snow thrower is designed to remove snow from driveways, decks and other small areas with a hard surface. Equipped with an 1800 W motor, this electric snow thrower has a clearing width of 51 cm and a throwing distance of 6 metres. The ST 1151 E snow thrower has a 90 degrees adjustable deflector and a 180degrees adjustable chute for great control over where you want to move the snow: direct the throw of snow from right to left just by moving the crank. The auger's shape makes it easy for this tool to work with snow up to 25 cm high. The foldable handlebar reduces the storage space needed plus its soft grip makes it a pleasure to use. When the job is done, carry the machine using the handle behind the chute. Power source: Electric Platform: One stage Working width: 51 cm Snow-throwing distance: 1-6 m.
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Leistungsquelle Elektrisch
Motor Nennleistung 1,8 kW
Plattform Einstufig
Breite Frässchnecke 51 cm
Höhe Fräsgehäuse 30 cm
Durchmesser Frässchnecke 17,5 cm
Typ Frässchnecke Kunststoff
Verstellbarer Auswurf 180°
Einstellbarer Auswurf Per mittiger Kurbel
Material Auswurfschacht Kunststoff
Wurfweitensteuerung Am Auswurf
Ableitungsmaterial Kunststoff
Wurfausführung 1 - 6 m
Eigengewicht 16,6 kg
Abmessungen (L x B x H) 1130 X 590 X 980 mm
Bruttogewicht 20,2 kg
Geräschpegel garantiert 101 dB(A)
Schallleistungspegel (LWA) 97 dB(A)
Vibrationsniveau (linker / rechter Griff) 2,5 m/s²
SAP Code 18-2860-33
EAN Code 8008984502420
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